PCT 2013

In 2013, I through hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, starting at the Mexican border in Campo, CA May 2nd and finishing in Manning Park Canada, September 20th.  Below are all the posts from that trip.  Towards the middle I got a little tired of blogging as hiking consumed more of my energy and things got more sporadic, but the photos are worth it.  I originally started with a typical hiking blog format, using photos dispersed in the text to tell the story.  I quickly realized how incredibly scenic the trail is and how limiting that can be. I  decided to break them up into two separate posts for each section.  Let me know what you like better in the comments.  Dates are posted dates, not necessarily the date I got to the town, since I started falling behind.

Before the Hike:

April 10th - Pre-Trip Training

April 18th - Pre-Trip Gear (I later changed some things out just after the halfway point)

April 22nd - Wapack Out-n-Back

April 22nd - My DIY Stove

April 24th - The Final Countdown (Fiiiiinaaaal coowwwnt down!!!)

April 30th - One Day to Lift Off

During the Hike:

May 9th - Campo to Warner Springs (Text and photos)

May 14th - Warner Springs to Idylwild - Text Post and Photo Post

May 21st - Idylwild to Big Bear or Everything Hurts - Text Post and Photo Post

May 26th - A quick detour! - I hitched a ride ahead to spend memorial day at the Saufly's, then yogi'd a ride back to where I left off on the trial at Cajon Pass.

May 26th - Big Bear to Wrightwood - Text Post and Photo Post

June 6th - Wrightwood to Tehachipi (I had to skip Agua Dulce to Hikertown due to the Power Station Fire) - Text Post and Photo Post 1 and Photo Post 2 and Photo Post 3

June 15th - Tehachipi to Kennedy Meadows - Text Post and Photo Post

June 30th - Kennedy Meadows to Kearsarge Pass - Text Post and Photo Post

So here I started falling behind on blog posts and computers were hard to come by and I started hiking with faster people (Dandy Greens and Oatmeal), so things got a little scattered...

July 10th - Kearsarge Pass to Sonora Pass (end of the Sierra) Photo Post Post Part 1art 1 and Photo Post Part 2

July 25th - Update through Burney Falls Text - Photos from S. Lake Tahoe to Burney (Battery died after Sonora)

August 7th - California Finished! (Text only)

August 18th - Photo's from Burney to Sisters, OR   Text from Ashland to Sisters - I didn't take a zero from Toulumne Meadows and finally conked out a double zero in Bend, OR - a hitch from Sisters.

September 7th - Update from Sisters through Snowqualamie Pass, WA - I didn't have the bandwidth or computer time to post photos there

September 16th - Photo Highlights of Sisters through Stehekin WA  No text post for some reason

September 22nd - CANADA!  and the Photo Post here

Post Hike:

September 23rd - PCT Final Thoughts (including gear changes/review)

I then visited a friend in Seattle, took a bus and saw a through hiker friend Scrub in Eugene, drove to Utah with an Australian through hiker friend - Sir Poppins in an attempt to see Zion, Arches and the Grand Canyon but the government shut down.  We ended up hanging out in Salt Lake City for a few days to see if the idiots in Congress would do anything but gave up.  I flew home, got a job just outside Boston and started a new life.

February 11th - Fourish Months Looking Back

So that's the PCT.  Onto the next trail!  Below is the map with all of my Spot GPS points.  I typically hit it at camp so you can see my progress although it didn't work 100% of the time.  I think the unreliability was related to a low battery about 2 or 3 months in.  I changed the battery and it was much more reliable.

My SPOT GPS points from the PCT:

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