Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photo Post - Reds Meadow to Sonora Pass


Ansel Adams Wilderness, this was shockingly beautiful.  I literally sat down for twenty minutes with my mouth open.

Lake heading out of Reds Meadow

I packed eggs, bacon, tortillas and black bean mix to make breakfast burritos with a friend.

Waterfalls heading into Glen Aulin, I jumped in that ice cold water and it was amazing.

Glen Aulin pack camp, luxury camping!

They have a restaurant. 

Camping with friends!

Forgot the title! Oops.

Sonoro Pass is basically a moon scape, totally different from anything else on the PCT!

Had to cross some sketchy snow fields!

So my camera battery died at this point, no photos from Sonora to Echo Lake - 76 miles.  I got my charger finally so I'll be good the rest of the way.

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