Sunday, August 18, 2013

Photo Post - Burney, CA to Sisters, OR - Mile 2007

Finally some photos!  Sadly it was pretty smokey from a large forest fire in eastern OR between just after Burney to Crater Lake. 

A couple of bike tourists from Portland, OR that know my friend Bob K!

Gettin' there!

Large dam near Burney Falls, sadly I forgot to get a picture of the falls...

Cougar or dog?

71 year old Japanese native Toyo is also hiking the trail!  What's your excuse now? :)

Castle Crags outside Castella, CA

Heading up towards Castle Crags!

Look closely and there's a pipe spewing ice cold spring water.  Lots of these in NorCal.

More delicious spring water!

I don't know why I like trees swollowing signs so much.

Paradise Lake! One of my favorite campsites, the lake is fed entirely by a huge spring off to the left.

Spring feeding Paradise Lake. 

This is what most of the views looked like, pretty smokey.

I see one of these guys about once a week.  Why do they run away? I just want to cuddle!

Oregon border!  Still in the shirt my brother gave me 1,000 miles ago!

The sign leaves a bit to be desired but you get the idea.

Pilot Rock outside Ashland.

Bad weather blowing in.

This little mountain top was called Lucifer on my map. 

Lots of burn in OR.

Really sad walking through the PCT in Crater Lake NP because they are the least maintained of the entire trail.  Lots of dead trees and poorly drained trail.  Thanks Repulicans!

Morning after the rain.

My camera is not big enough to get the whole lake, it was pretty amazing.

4 cold hikers on the crater lake rim!  From left to right: Lightning Rod, Hiker Box Special (me), Halfway and Scrub Hiker.

Sunrise over the lake.  Sadly the smoke blew back in overnight.

Thanks forest fires...

Another sign swollowing trees!  The trail in OR is very old.. I haven't seen this emblem anywhere else.

The highest point on the "official" PCT in OR and WA.  The real highest point is unmarked on the crater lake rim.

Lots of lakes in this flat boring section.  I really hate drinking lake water too.

Diamond Peak was the only view for about 200 miles...

Kermit, a PCT hiker's father, gave me and two other hikers a lift to the trailhead in his kermit the frog VW van.  Totally awesome!

More lakes... yay..

Sweet cabin! I wanted to do 6 more miles that day but it ended here!

Me and a few others spent the night telling stories and playing poker.

These are what my maps look like if anyone is curious.  Usually they're not upside down though.

That old school PCT emblem again.  Future tattoo?

After 200 viewless miles I turn a corner and see horses! That means a pack train which means FOOD!

It was a Fish and Game group doing fish surveys in those lakes I was complaining about They gave me one of those giant steaks!!!!

South Sister in the distance, a little smokey here too.

Clouds blew in as I approached the three sisters.

RV'ing with pack animals?


Obsidian falls!


You can see the smoke in the distance, sometimes it sort of condenses overnight like that.

North and Middle Sister.

The start of about 6 miles of on and off lava rock walking, not fun on the feet.

Water Cache, try and read that poster if you can.

How did a tree ever grow here?

Me n' Washington

2,000 miles hiked!!!!!!!!  Two other hikers and I made the marker since there was nothing at the spot. 

Bend is my kind of town!

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