Monday, September 16, 2013

Photo Post (Highlights) Sister, OR to Stehekin, WA - Mile 2580!!!

Not much time so I'll only post the best stuff!  80 miles to Canada!  The last section was brutal but I'm almost there!  I'll post more photo's after I finish.

Mount Hood! Amazing all you can eat breakfast buffet at the Timberline Lodge just behind me.

Keep Portland Weird! Except our water, we'd like that normal please.

Tunnel falls! You walk through a cave behind the waterfall.  This is on the way to Cascade Locks, the WA border.

Nap time next to Mount Adams.

Gravel road separating the Mount Adams Wilderness and the Goat Rocks wilderness.

Cispus Pass in the Goat Rocks, these photos do no justice.

Sunset just past Cispus Pass with Rainier in the background

Top of the Goat Rocks near Old Snowey mountain.  

Knife edge ridge walk in the Goat Rocks.

A thin layer of dense fog back lit by the sun after a rain storm.

Huge mushrooms everywhere!

Alpine Lakes Wilderness was a bit socked in so I only went 10 miles.

The views got better the next morning!

Glacier Peak to the north!

Glacier Peak a lot closer!

Mica Lake just past Glacier Peak.

Log crossing on the old PCT, the far end is about 8 feet off the edge of the river and the log is about a foot thick.


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