Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo Post - Wrightwood to Agua Dulce - Mile 455

 Not many photos this time folks.  I was dodging a toxic plant called Poodle Dog Bush for the last few days and the camera didn't get much use. 
Hiking on the Baden-Powell ridge above Wrightwood.

Unusual flower or weed?

Apparently not Baden-Powell

My hiking partners for my 5 mile "nero day" out of Wrightwood.  The guy in the background is 69!

Almost to Canada!! Errr maybe not...

Top of Mount Baden-Powell ahead, something like 9500 feet. 

The ridge I traversed, you can make out the trail.

1,500 year old tree!  

400 miles!

The dreaded Poodle Dog Bush.  Entire hillsides were covered with this crap and it would grow over the trail.

First day seeing the forest fire.

Later that day it seemed to have started its own weather system.

Second day seeing the fire, getting bigger and closer!

Thats it apparently.  Hopefully I'll remember to take more on this stretch coming up.

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