Saturday, June 22, 2013

Photo Post - Tehachipi to Kennedy Meadows

Windmills and high tension power lines leaving Tehachipi at 8 am.

The notorious jackalope!

Former or future windmills?

Night hiking and out of water I crested a ridge lined with first generation windmills.  

Lots of burned areas this section.  You can see green in the background so every corner I turned I hoped for shade but didn't get it.

Second night camping near a spring with 10 other hikers.  Definitely the most I've ever camped with due to the lack of water this section.



If you believe in hell, part of it must look like this.

More waterless mountains to cross.

Desert in the morning can be rather spectacular. 

A water cache stocked by a 76 year old woman and the occasional thirsty hikers.  A 1,600 foot climb lies around the bend.

Trail magic at Walker Pass campground!  Check out the sweet VW camper van.

Heading out of Walker Pass to the first of many 2,000 foot climbs.

Getting tired of the desert yet?

One of my favorite views of the trip, about 25 miles from Walker Pass. 

...more desert.


Mile 700!

The brother, Clio and FOOD!

New dollar store shirt, thanks Chris!  Like how my face looks dirty when its clean?

BACON!  That breakfast lasted about 2 hours before I was hungry again. 

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