Thursday, June 6, 2013

Photo Post - Wrightwood to Agua Dulche Part 2!

Communications tower on the way to the top of one of the poodle dog bush detours.  Any idea what type it's for? 

Haze on the left of the horizon is smoke.

Smoke getting larger later that day...

Sort of looks like a thunderhead?

That sign has seen some shit.

Fire extinguishers no longer doing the trick...

A lot of the trail looks like this, just a foot of space on the edge of a slope.  Often it gets eroded and you have to watch where you step.

Crossing under the highway to Agua Dulche.  The tunnel was dark enough to not be able to see anywhere near your feet, making for an  odd sensation.
Vasquez Rocks park.

This is my old hiking shirt, after being washed (new shoes too!)

Look Ma!  I don't look like a hobo anymore!

Hiker heaven, the entrance!  Laundry station with loaner clothes on the right, check in area in the garage.

That trailer in the center left is for hikers, as well as the RV to the right and all those tents.

Laundry station, very organized.

Message board comes with free hiker trash!

Some hiker friends, he's from New Zealand so I named him 'Murica' (now Captain Murica) and shes from England, named "Concrete Lady" because its an anagram of her real name.  The US national scrabble champion gave her that one, he's also hiking.

Mail station in the garage.

Hiker trash enjoying their stay.

The backyard; there are lots more cots behind those white tents and trees.

Ride to Hikertown!

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