Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo Post - Big Bear to Wrightwood - Mile 369

Long awaited, here it is!

Leaving big bear we could see the lake.

Above about 7,000 feet the desert tends to be a pine forest.

Pine forest makes for soft shady trail, very welcome after the desert.

The burned areas tend to be kind of creepy....

This was taken 180 degrees from the previous picture; you can see some scorched trees at where the fire must have stopped.

Blue sky, brown grass and white dead trees.  

PCT Bridge over deep creek, beat that AMC!

Back to the low desert following the Deep Creek canyon.

That sign has seen some shit!

Canyon country

I look like I'm riding a horse

Another bridge!

That Dam ain't doin' a dam thing

Naked hiker headed to the hot springs 5 miles back.

Mountains ahead!  I hiked over those to Wrightwood.

Walked by another dam.

The PCT has to go along roads occasionally, it's not all wilderness.

Occasionally you come by a cooler on the trail...

A thirsty hikers dream! Fruit!  Days from town you tend to dream about fresh fruit.

Climbed up to Silverwood lake.

Heading down canyons to Cajon Pass.

Mountains to Wrightwood getting closer!

Last Canyon before the McDonalds at Cajon Pass (sorry no pictures...)

Water Cache ahead!!!

Trail zig-zags

Part of the 6500+ foot day of climbing

Back to pines with a PCT marker ahead somewhere around 8,000 feet up.

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