Friday, June 7, 2013

Photo Post - Hikertown to Tehachipi

The hotel intertubes are flowing smoothly so here are more photos!

Not sure how to describe it but Hikertown is a strange place.  Lots of fake buildings built out of small chunks of shipping containers.  When asked about it the owner just says "it's complicated".  

Lots of roosters for some reason.  The guy on the left is who I've been hiking with lately.  He's slow but we always tend to wind up at the same spot.  Splitting the hotel with him and another guy.  

Napping hikers thinking if they sleep all day they can hike all night.  Not so easy.  It was about 85 degrees in the shade.

Guess who's from San Francisco.

More hikertown weirdness with the fire starting back up.

The three Amigo's and I heading out at 6:30 or so.  That's the only open part of the aqueduct on the left there.  The guy on the left is the second guy who's sharing the hotel room with me.

The trail turns and follows the 100 year old section that's mostly buried.  We walked on top of it for a while before switching to the shaded road.

Aqueduct underpass.  That is a lot of rivets.

After a night hike you wind up on a dirt road leading to a wind farm.

Could someone turn those things on so we could get some wind here?

Shade is shade, windmill shaped or not.

Hot climb up to a bit below the base of that canyon in the upper right

Dead burned trees but no poodle dog bush!

Still about 15 miles from the road to Tehachipi but my last photo.  The last section basically looked like this but with windmills everywhere.

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