Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photo Post! Warner Springs to Idyllwyld

The intertubes have cleared here at the library so here is some eye candy but don't forget to read the post below for some poorly written narrative accompaniment:

The PCT is not often signed but obvious if you pay attention, much to the despair of many AT veterans (sorry Alison).

Leaving Warner Springs with two Australians in front.  One later rolled his ankle and had to come off trail, not sure for how long. 

Pretty sure I walked over all of that.

Trail angel spot turned hiker bum hang out at mile 177.  Great water and even better fried tacos!

THE SHACK! Probably my best nights sleep on the trail so far.

Future hiker paradise in the works.

A French guy is trying to take two donkeys on the PCT up to Oregon, cross over to the CDT and then down to Peru.  Unfortunately the one on my right is lame and they're taking a week rest.

There are gun tottin' rednecks in southern CA too!

More amazing scenery, I think that mountain in the center far off in the distance is San Jacinto (~10,800 ft) which I may or may not summit tomorrow.  It's an option off the PCT.  Look closely in the upper left of the photo and you can see the trail.


Simply stunning scenery, every day is a visual overload.

No water here.
I would have been in some dire straights without 2L of this water in the 100 degree heat that day.

\Sometimes you ascend to high enough altitude that the terrain switches to pine forest.

That's palm spring sin the distance. There's another set of mountains on the horizon that didn't show up too.

Two other hikers happy to have finished "the climb".

We walked over that...

...and that.

Snowball fight followed by slushies!

The town of Idyllwyld with the ridge I have to hike back up to in the background.  It's only 1600 feet up...

The amazing library I'm posting this from right now!

That's all for now, check back in four or five days and see the post below for some explanation.

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