Sunday, May 26, 2013

A quick detour!

If you're looking at my spot points on the map and wondering how I teleported over 100 miles in a day, I used a car!  Rather than stay in Cajon Pass with a 6,000 foot climb looming ahead, surrounded by highways and freight trains for the night, I took a ride to the Saufley's in Agua Dulche for the night. I'll be hitching back to where I left off to keep my hike continuous but it's pretty cool to time travel forward through where I'll be walking after Wrightwood.  I'm also seeing the rear end of "the herd" or the large concentration of hikers about a week ahead of me.  I plan to stay at least a few days behind them until we're closer to Kennedy Medows, the start of the Sierra.  By then people will be more spread out and the risk of camping with 20 people at a time will be much lower. 

Enjoy your memorial day weekends!

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