Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo Post - South Lake Tahoe to Burney

Tiny houses dot Echo Lake just outside South Lake Tahoe.

Aloha Lake! Bug free!!!

Amazing sunset at Aloha Lake.

A lot of ridge walking lately, kind of cool but a little low on water compared to the Sierra.

Passed through Donner Pass, 6 miles from where they ate the dead people there is now a highway, a smaller highway, AND a railroad.  Right place, wrong time?

My first rattlesnake encounter coming into Sierra City!! 700 miles of SoCal desert and no snakes until now.

Bridge over the middle(?) fork of the Feather River.

AMAZING trail magic by Nancy (center) at Honker Pass in Bucks Lake.


We got to Belden the day before some kind of electronic music festival.  Weird people abound!

Sitting out the heat with Oatmeal (left) and Dandy Greens (right).

Butt mountain!!!

PCT midpoint!!! Well actually 4 miles short of the actual mid point but moving those things is expensive.

Cows! On the way to Chester.

Terminal "geyser" in Lassen National Park, actually a steam vent.  It sounded like a jet.

Boiling Springs Lake just outside disapointmentbad, err Drakesbad.  

Sunset over Mt. Lassen.

Sunrise on the Hat Creek Rim.  

Just after the Hat Creek Rim.

Met this guy bike touring.  We talked a lot and decided that bicycle tourists are the RV'ers of camping.  

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