Monday, October 7, 2013

Photo Post Stehekin to Manning Park, CANADA!!!

Two rivers come together 15 miles or so north of Stehekin.


Clouds finally breaking up after a day of rain.

Traversing our way to another pass.

See the trail?

Midnight Chocolate and Cowgirl in their palace of a tent.

Palace from the outside.

Dawn in the North Cascades.

The sun washed it out, it says "Canadian Border       35"

Climbing up towards Woody Pass.

One of the washouts caused by some serious rain a few weeks ago.  I have no idea how they'll fix this.

Looking back from Woody Pass, you can see the washouts as dark lines in the scree slope.

The Canadian border!  They clear a ~40 foot width of trees along the 49th parallel.

Border monument! Similar to the one at the Meixcan border.  That metal thing is hollow and has the PCT register and some random goodies in it.

Pretty excited!

I carried that little stone bear the whole trail, my aunt gave it to me for good luck.  It worked!

Celebratory Fat Tire. 

8 miles later and back in civilization.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to read your blog and get dreaming about other trails.