Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photo Post - Kennedy Meadows to Kearsarge Pass - Mile 789

I'm at a hotel in Bishop and the interwebs are flowing smoothly.  Text post tomorrow AM sometime but here's the important stuff:

Start of the Sierras!

More burned areas but at least there's water within every 10 miles!

Bridge over the South Fork of the Kern river.

Trees with mountains on the way!

These trees look old, huge trunks and tiny branches.  

Goodbye desert!

...a little oxygen deprived at 10,500 feet.  I swear I'm not high Mom.  

Icy spring water makes hikers happy!

Chicken Spring Lake, the photos do no justice.

Mount Guyot I believe.  

Heading down to Crabtree Meadow, near Mount Whitney.  We hiked to/over that cliff in the background.

Our campsite at lower Crabtree Meadow.

Definitely the most scenic place I've slept.  

Friendly marmots.

In front of a lake headed toward Mount Whitney.  We left our camp set up and carried almost empty packs to the top.

The trail goes up and over that rock wall through a maze of steep winding switchbacks.

View from ~13,000 feet on the way to Whitney.

A little snow never hurt anyone.

View from the top!

Looking down Whitney, 14,505 feet!

1 PM and I was COLD

View looking up on the way down.  

Everything was breathtaking, including the altitude.

There are several gaps between mountains with sheer dropoffs like this on the way up.

Another gap.

Not today!

Leaving Whitney.

Heading toward Forester Pass (13,500 feet).

Just keep your head down and keep walking.

Amazing views.

Almost at the top of Forester, it's that notch up there.

On the other side!

Kings Canyon National Park!

Trail magic at Videte Meadow!  I'm now carrying that Sheriffs hat!

Sheriff Marmot on duty!  WHERES YOUR PERMIT?!?

Heading towards Kearsarge Pass (11,700 ft) for resupply.

Top of Kearsarge!

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