Friday, April 5, 2013

Shake out hike at Uncanoonuc

All the new gear I've been collecting for the PCT made me itchy for a quick practice run before this weekends trip to Carter and the Wildcats.  North Uncanoonuc is a tiny mountain in Goffstown, NH which is a great testing ground for new gear; steep slopes, semi-exposed summit, lots of wet trail and some nice views to boot.  I couldn't get out any earlier than 7 pm so it turned into a night hike, which let me test my new headlamp.  I also broke in my ULA circuit, which was comfy with the light load I carried. 

The trail was about half ice an half dirt, which gave me a chance to try my trail runners with microspikes.  The chains at the front rubbed my big toe in sort of a weird way that could lead to trouble after a longer hike so some kind of home made fix is in order.  I could probably attach a small piece of hardish plastic like a disposable tupperware lid under it to spread out the feeling of the chain.  The new head lamp worked well, but my old, now broken, light was more comfortable on the forehead.  Not sure why and it makes me wish I hadn't thrown the old one out when it finally broke after five years. 

Here's the map:

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