Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PCT Information!

I don't expect everyone to know what the hell it is I'm doing with the next five months off the top of their heads so here are a few good resources I've come across:

Smithsonian article about hiking the PCT

A quick and dirty guide to the PCT (the pmags website is an excellent backpacking resource by the way)

Google earth file for the PCT route

The people that make it all possible - the PCT Association

Hope that helps!


  1. Mike,
    As you begin your "excellent adventure" I just want you to know how much I admire your pursuit of a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore and conquer what most young people just dream about . Your adventurous spirit and good judgement will guide you safely . Just remember to call your Mother as often as possible so she can take a deep breath and feel connected with you. Good Luck safe !!!! Joan Clark

  2. Thanks Joan! The PCT is also an equestrian trail so if my adventurous spirit rubs off you could always ride a section!